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Products used in this case

LCD Switch Panel
Multi-channel situation mode, user friendly set defined 30 profile maximum.
Power Meter Control Module
Electric energy metering function, real-time monitoring voltage, current, active power, and turn on/off the power by remote control.
Power Switch Module(4ch)
Smart Control Module
Intelligent Home app and local switch panel control.
Dry Contact Switch Module
Easy to install, no extra wire needed.
Dimming Control Module
Mainly used as dimming function for particular lighting devices such incandescent lamps, TRIAC dimming LED lamp, halogen lamps and others. The control module supports gradual lighting on power-on and with adjustable rate of change of brightness. The control module has built-in fuse and over-heat protection.
Used to relay the power line carrier signal to improve the power line carrier cross-phase capability.
A/C Control Module
Through the comparison result of the ambient temperature and the set temperature, the working state of the fan coil and electric valve, electric ball valve or air valve at the end of the air conditioning system is controlled to achieve the purpose of adjusting temperature and saving energy.


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